Book Buying Program

Sage & Dragonfly Buying Program

Welcome to our buying program details page. Since we are a new store, we may not be able to evaluate your books immediately when you bring them in. We encourage you to call ahead to determine whether we are buying this week, and to find out a good time to bring your books for evaluation.

At a Glance:
  • We buy quality books that fill our current stock demands.
  • Appointment required for book assessments.
  • We pay with trade credit, which can be applied to purchases with some restriction.
  • Up to 50% of used book purchases, and up to 20% of new book and gift purchases.

Book Buying Overview: Our policies are subject to change as needed, so check back periodically to stay current. Email or call to make an appointment for evaluations.

  • We buy books for trade credit only: sorry, but we do not pay cash. See details below.
  • We buy quality books only: Hardback, trade paperback, and vintage/rare books. (We also buy some collectible art—see below.)
  • Trade availability varies, depending on our stock, selling trends, and other factors; we encourage you to email or call ahead to schedule an appointment or for a box drop-off.
  • In general, we do not assess books without an appointment, but if you have a large number, we will ask you to drop them off so we can review them when we have time. However, be sure to call before dropping off to be we sure are accepting trades at that time.
  • Rare books take time to be evaluated and may be traded for cash/credit option.
  • What We Do Not Buy:
    • Books that have been fouled by highlighting, mold, critter droppings, water damage or other destructive factors. We will not dig through boxes that appear to contain fouled material. To have your books valued, you need to have them in a presentable presentation, and bring only books we will consider purchasing.
    • Library cancellations of any kind, Condensed books, Mass market paperbacks, Games or puzzles.
    • Non-Book media such as tapes, CDs, DVDs, magazines.
  • Generally, we are only interested in “Very Good” to “Like New” condition. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis for prime vintage or rare editions.
  • While we will have a base pricing structure for most purchases, pricing can vary, depending on the condition and availability of the book, our inventory needs or surpluses, and our interest in the book. We do not use internet sales listings as a price evaluator. We determine the value of a book in relation to our customer base.
  • Books left for evaluation that we do not buy, must be picked up within 48 hours of notice. Failure to pick up your books will result in them being given for donation, as we do not have space to store them.
  • Large Volume and home clear-outs: We are interested in estate buyouts for books. We will be happy to review your large collections on site as is possible, depending on our availability.
  • Disposing of unbought books: We ask that you do not bring boxes of books filled with discount and donation-only quality books. However, any books we do not buy and are not retrieved within 48 hours of notice will be donated and a 50% deduction from your store credit for purchases will be made to cover our time and inconvenience.
  • New Book Buy Back: If you buy new from us and wish to sell-back your still “Like New” condition book after reading it, we will offer club member customers a special buy-back rate, when possible, depending on our stock and demand for the title. (Trade Store Credit only)
  • We consider our customers a great asset for recirculating wonderful books, so please email, give us a call, or stop by, and we’ll happily answer any questions.

Trade Credit Policy: As noted, we buy only via trade credit—which is store credit with use restrictions. As you are aware, independent, brick & mortar stores must compete with a massive & diverse internet domain. Thus, we must implement policies that help us to remain a viable business, which in-turn allows us to provide our local customers with the convenience, connection, and products they love.

When we give you a price for your books, it will be applied as trade credit in your account on our system. We will give you a receipt, but you will not need the paper receipt to apply your credit to purchases, as the data is stored in our system.

Trade credit can only be applied to the following in-stock product categories (as defined by Sage & Dragonfly), at the rates listed. This means that credit can be applied up to the listed percentage of your total sale for that category.

  • Used Books: 50% Store Credit Cap (Excludes Vintage & Collectible/Rare Books)
  • New Books & Gift Merchandise: 20% Store Credit Cap
  • Trade Credit can only be applied to the store inventory categories identified above, as noted. Credit cannot be applied to any other merchandise classifications, including the following: Special order items; Fine Gifts; Art & Fine Crafts, including jewelry; Rare & Collectible Books; Priced events or services.
  • Store credit will not expire until two years after your account becomes inactive.

Art & Fine Craft Buying: While much of our original artwork and fine crafts are sold on consignment, we do occasionally buy art, fine reproductions, and fine crafts outright. Trade availability and pricing is dependent on our stock and the interests of our customers.

  • Email or call us to determine whether we would be interested in seeing your work or to review the contents of an estate.
  • Reproductions: Our primary interest is in original works, but we have an interest in quality reproductions of artistic photography and art prints, including botanicals and vintage.
  • Art & Fine Craft Buying offers may be made in cash, store credit, or a combination, depending on the quality, value, and interest in the works.
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