Posted on: November 14th, 2023 by Gay Wolff

Original Art for Christmas

Though ours is a small shop, requiring us to focus our content on quality, rather than quantity, we do have a significant and varied collection of excellent original works by several Walton County artists. Here’s a brief highlight of our current artists.

Estelle Grengs: We have a number of large and striking paintings by Estelle of Freeport. Her painting titled Bloom is a burst of color that would light up a foyer or dining room with large, beautiful flowers. We have other large format paintings by Estelle, bright and bold, yet each unique. Sangria is a playful, somewhat impressionistic painting of a sangria glass, evoking the feel of subtropical delights on a summer night.

Ann Forbush: Ann, a life-long part-time resident of Grayton Beach, offers a captivating display of Western Lake landscapes forming the core of her work. Contrary to most popular beach scenes, Ann gives us the darker blues and greens that capture the essence of our coastal pines and changing skies.

Helene Pappa: Local DeFuniak resident, Helene, offers a fresh and light perspective with inventive multi-media works. Her paper and watercolor depictions of jellyfish are mesmerizing and unique. Her techniques include forming beautiful 3-dimensional composites of handmade papers, watercolor, and other media, resulting in her capturing the weightlessness and mystery of these sea creatures. We also carry some of her contrasting paintings, including abstractions and landscapes.

Kevin Sims: For those looking for more sculptural works, you’ll find local resident Kevin’s epoxy resin and glass constructions a delight. Twists & Turns is a beautiful work for any space that needs a lift, as its soft blues echo our crystalline waters on a bright summer day. However, its engaging abstraction compels the viewer to contemplate its artistic possibilities. Hung horizontally, it evokes roiling waves and the tidal energy of the shore. Hung vertically, it stimulates the imagination to reflect on the work’s title and more symbolic impressions.

Perhaps you’re thinking art is just for other people, but there are a number of reasons why buying original art is a good idea:

1. Enrichment of your home:

When you purchase original art, you bring a unique expression of color, texture, and mood or story into your room. You are not only displaying the artistic talent of the artist, but also your own artistic abilities. The art you choose reflects your tastes, as well as the emotion and energy you want to evoke. Those choices are a result of your unique artistic appreciation.

2. Story:
With each piece of art you display, you have a story. The story of the artist’s work (the who, what, how, and stylistic storylines), as well as your own story (why you chose this piece, what it means to you, how you found the art or artist). Your walls or corners reflect your interests, your travels, your artistic journey, and invite people into your story. You also become part of the greater cultural story of artistic trends, nuances, and uniqueness.

3. Value:
Monetarily, art, in general, is a good investment. Some works will go on to have great value over time, but even those original works that aren’t auction material hold greater resale value than their reproduced counterparts. It’s been such a good idea that sales in the art sector for 2022 reached their second highest peak over the last 15 years. Yes, even in the South. In 2016, our capital, Tallahassee, scored as the highest per capita art buying city in the U.S., and Savannah, Tampa, and several South Florida areas continue to score high in the annual statistics. We are so fortunate to have an ever-growing fine art community along the Emerald Coast that makes it easy to find great art at still affordable investments.

4. Art is Personal:
As described earlier, the art we choose reflects our personal tastes and stories. This has become even more true in recent years. While original art buying was once more exclusive and weighted toward collectors, the internet and local markets are making art and artists more accessible to everyone; we can find and buy art to suit our personal tastes and price points. In recent years, the highest growing demographic of art buyers is the under 40 group. This is in part attributed to a shift in access as just mentioned, but also in the art-buying perspective from what one “should” buy or like according to those brokering the art to a purely personal experience of wanting to buy what one likes.

Good news for those who are wondering what to get those who are hard to shop for at Christmas, we’re bringing you some great options. Whether you’re shopping for young couples in new homes or wanting to give your life-long partner something special, original art always offers something no one already has.

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