Posted on: May 21st, 2023 by Gay Wolff

Why on Earth a Bookstore?

Over the last few years, when I have told someone about my plans to open a bookstore, the most common reaction has been some form of “Why?” People are often astonished that people still read board-and-paper books and that they like to buy them in brick-and-mortar stores.

Sometimes I respond with encouraging statistics that show people do, in fact, still read tangible books. Other times I may quip about us dinosaurs who also still like to shop in a neighborhood store for our clothes. The truth is that despite all the on-line and digital options, people still like to have physically engaging experiences with books: Like eating French fries–forks don’t provide the same hand-to-mouth pleasure.

The second most common type of reactions came from Book People. “Oh, wonderful!” “I love Bookstores!” “I can’t wait. I love to browse in the stacks!” These are not just reading lovers, because not all readers are bookish. Not all readers are bookish. These enthusiasts are Book People. Book People love books–the holding of a book, the smell of a new book, and the tactile joy of turning a page with anticipation. Book People love walking into a store and discovering old favorites and delightful surprises among the crowded shelves. This is my “why.”

Clearly, I am one of these Book People, and I have loved books and collected books for a long time. I do love stories, of course, and I do love learning new things. All part of loving books. Yet, I also love “the book” as an art form–a tactile medium for personal discovery and journey. I enjoy the art of bookmaking, and the arts of writing and editing that go into the process. I enjoy the artistic elements, including the illustrations, that go into fine bookmaking. In addition to making it easier for the community to discover new books and share their love of books with others, I hope to awaken a similar love for books as an artform.

A love of fine art and fine handcrafts has been a long passion of mine, as well: so, when the time came to choose a focus, I chose both: Books and Art. Our region is rich in authors, artists, and artisans, and I hope to highlight these in my store, even as I offer great diversity in styles and regions of the world.

At Sage & Dragonfly, we strive to provide a joyful experience when you come for a browse and beverage. We hope you find the expected and the unexpected, both comfort and serendipity, when you explore our cottage shop.

We anticipate a soft opening in early July and a mid-July Grand Opening Open House. Watch our website for updates.

May you find books are doorways and arts are windows.

Sage & Dragonfly Bookshop - DeFuniak Springs FL

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